A list with the references of publications by S.P.O.C..

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Applied literature

These books are targeted towards athletes and coaches The emphasis is on practical applications rather that theoretical and scientific knowledge..

  • Sporting body, sporting mind: an athlete's guide to mental training

authors:     John Syer, & Christopher Connolly

Publishing Company:  Simon & Schuster

  • The new toughness training for sports

author:      James E. Loehr

Publishing Company:  Plume

  • Gedachten & gevoelens

authors:     Matthew McKay, Martha Davis, & Patrick Fanning

Publishing Company:  Nieuwezijds

  • Ontspanje

authors:     Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, & Matthew McKay

Publishing Company:  Nieuwezijds


Theoretical literature

These books emphasize the theoretical foundations of sport psychology and allied disciplines.


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