Our Service

S.P.O.C. strongly emphasizes the close collaboration with our clients in which both parties combine their expertise. In our dialogue the aim is first to clarify and than to answer your needs.


Depending on the need and the target group different interventions are possible:

  • lecture

  • workshop

  • individual counselling

  • group counselling

  • experiential learning

  • ...

The list of subjects is only limited by your interests and needs. Some possibilities:

  • Mental profiling of athlete

  • teambuilding

  • changing behaviour (e.g. healthier eating)

  • learning how to cope with stress

  • visualisation

  • goal setting

  • increasing motivation

  • ...

This list is certainly not exhaustive. Don't hesitate to contact S.P.O.C. with your questions and ideas..

Even if S.P.O.C. can not provide the assistance you need, we will not abandon you. Thanks to an excellent network of colleagues in related disciplines we can usually provide a referral.


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