Who is who


Jeroen Meganck

Licentiate in Psychology

European Master in Exercise and Sport Psychology

Founder S.P.O.C.



Work experience

  • Project 'Sport psychologist in schools for young elite athletes' (a project of the Flemish Institute for Elite Sports)

  • Independent sport psychologist: elite sport & study, individual athletes

  • Member team of experts in sport psychology, Flemish Institute for Elite Sports

  • Sport psychologist Athlete's Care, Centre for sport medical testing and advise


  • researcher Health Psychology, Limburgs Universitair Centrum


Sport experience

I have practiced many different sports like archery, gymnastics, tennis, and tai chi but I only practiced taekwondo as a competitor.

Unfortunately I was advised some years ago to quit practicing after a hip-injury. As of then I have changed my focus to teaching taekwondo.